What are resale rights and how do you use them?

Resale Rights for any of my products give you the right to sell those products and keep all the money yourself.

RR are perfect for someone with an interest in starting their own website-based business because you get a quality product and the proven marketing material to sell it.

They do require that you have your own website and method of accepting payment.  You will be responsible for all customer service issues, including delivering the product, answering questions, and even giving refunds.   This will be your business.

It occurred to me that while a large percentage of my readers would love to have their own-internet based business, only a small % of them have the skill-set to be able to set all that up.

The minimum you'd need is:

A Domain Name - LeoQuinn.com is a domain name (for example).... $8-$12 per year

Domain Hosting...$80-$100 a year

Taking payments is easy using a free Paypal account.  

Building a list is optional but if you want to build one, and you should, there are various options starting at $15 per month but one service offers a 60-day FREE trial (no credit card required) which is perfect to get you going.

Building a list is important because very few people will buy on the first try.  

Most are skeptical and will want to see some more from you before they trust you enough to buy. You can build this trust with a list by following up with more info.

You've seen me do that in my business.

It's all easy for me.  

If it's easy for you then Resale Rights can be a profitable investment for you.

If you don't know how to do any of this stuff yet, pass on this for now or contact me for a solution that might work for you.

Click HERE to grab the resale rights you'd like.

Let me know if you have any questions.   

Thank you!

Leo Quinn