You may recall I did or tried to do a different experiment each month in 2016.

My experiment for March was attending 31 networking events....31 events in 31 days.

The last week I had to attend 10 to reach my goal but I did it and it was fun.

This was the one experiment I stuck with and ended up attending between 70 and 80 networking events all year.

That may be nothing to you but for me it was crazy because before this year I'd been to maybe 5 total in my entire life.

Just never cared for them.

I like speaking to hundreds at one time instead of 1!

But I really like them now. Why?

Because I go in with one goal.

Help the other guy or gal.

Most go to these things looking for customers. I go in looking to help them get more customers.

And after attending events for 10 months, I can say it's working.

-There was the accountants office who got 15 new customers for their restaurant client using an idea I gave them.

-People changed their wardrobes at networking events based on my ideas..."hey Leo I've seen a bunch of people wearing (XYZ) since they've met you"

-I invited an artist to attend a networking event and told him what to bring and when to reveal it...he was the HIT of the room...over 50 people there and he was the only one who brought the host a gift. Everyone in the room remembered him and he got several good leads from it.


- I told a photographer what to carry around at the next networking event she went to and...(turn on images if you don't see it)


- A couple financial planners were attending a job fair for retiring military and I suggested something they could add to their table to ensure lots of people would stop.

The job fair hadn't started and the other vendors were inquiring...even two star generals wanted to know what was going on. They got several good leads from that job fair.

-A promotional goods sales person wore a special name tag I suggested and had people LINING up to talk to her. She had to take a "wing-man" to talk to people before they got to her.

I sent out 55 Christmas Cards before Halloween...why? Because it's funny and people would remember it.

Of course, several people inquired about my health and well-being but that's OK...I made an impression.

Next year?

Christmas cards in JULY!!

I absolutely love networking now because I know I can help a bunch of people using the business knowledge I've accumulated in my 25+ years in business.

Two things make me laughing at my jokes and/or saying that's a great idea!

So my idea today is to start a series of "THINK TANKS" for my readers who are in sales or business for themselves.

These would be weekly meetings on the same day each week...done via zoom / skype or phone.

They would likely be first thing in the AM or the evening and limited to 4 other people.

We'd meet every week on the same day at the same time for one hour and you'd get 15 minutes in the "HOTSEAT".

That is the rest of the group would focus on your business and give you ideas for whatever is challenging you.

The investment would be only $97 per month, NOT recurring.

That means you could reassess at the end of each month whether you want to continue.

No sense sticking around if you aren't getting value.

So before I commit to this I need to know if there is enough interest in this idea from my readers.

If this is something you might be interested in doing each week, CLICK HERE to let me know.

There is no obligation, just raise your hand to let me know you might be interested at this point.

Make it a great day!