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Have you ever heard of the “morning pages” concept?

It’s from a book called The Artist’s Way.

The idea is you simply write three pages first thing in the AM….three pages about anything…stream of consciousness even…I don’t know what to write right now… I don’t know what to write right now… I don’t know what to write right now… I don’t know what to write right now etc.

I’m on Day 4 right now…started September 1st and my plan is to stick with it for at least this month.

Each day I get at least one good idea from the process.

Today it was a couple idea and they both pertain to you…

First idea was to put a page on my site that looks like a resume…LOCAL MARKETING COORDINATOR in my case.

In your case it could be a resume for SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR

I’ll come up with a template you can use based on the one I do for myself.

The idea then is to search sites like Craigslist looking for businesses who are posting jobs available.

Of course, most won’t be looking for someone who can provide our services BUT our resume will make the case that they need someone focused on the services we provide so that the people they are looking to hire will have customers to help.

The second idea was on REFRAMING your $97 per month charge for services.

Which sounds better?

$97 per month


$24.25 per week?

I think the second one sounds better.

When you build up a clientele and confidence then your $97 could be per WEEK!

A worthy goal!

As has been my habit, I'm including previous emails below.
I thought of you yesterday when I saw a post on FB...the post was from the friend of a friend...
Hi friends. I’ve decided to take on sewing projects. I will do simple alterations... hems, buttons. adjust waist, take clothes in or out, adjust sleeves. I will also sew straight valances or curtains and make throw pillows. You buy the material and I will sew for you. I also sew military patches. Have a project? Ask me? Please pass the word!!
What I want you to see here is the response she got from her friends.  Many stepped up to help...ask pricing...offering suggestions.
You can see for yourself...
When you're ready to rock and roll, you can and should do the same thing...post on FB asking your friends, if they or anyone they know needs help with social media.
Wouldn't it be great if you made such a post and included the fact that you were already working with (church/charity) and want to expand.
When you're ready, let me know and I'll help you compose such a FB post.
Have a great day!

Today I'm sending an email I got from a marketing guy named Dean Jackson.

It explains perfectly why we offer the free trial.

Here it is...

Sometimes it’s less expensive to get somebody a result than it is to convince them to give you money to get the result.

Here’s what I mean...

When you have access to something, say, you’re running a gym and you have local facilities, instructors, and all that…

That’s your advantage. You’ve already paid for all that.

And your incremental cost of delivering a result for somebody is virtually zero. Or at the very least, much lower than what you’re currently paying to get a new customer on the front end.

What’s worse, if you’re not at your full capacity, most of it is sunk cost anyway. You're already paying for your facility. You're already paying instructors and trainers even when the classes are half empty.

In other words, it makes total sense for you to figure out a way how to use your ability of getting results as a free introduction to a relationship with you.

Because here’s the thing...

Your goal is to have an ongoing, recurring relationship with a client. You want them to become a long-term sustaining member and paying you every month for a long, long time.

And the thing that really matters is not you getting paid up front… but it’s getting somebody up and running, and locked into your place.

So, what better way to get somebody started, and committed to working with you, than to offer to get them a result… without them having to pay you anything!

I promise you, good things are going to happen when you focus on just getting people results…

They’re going to become your biggest fans. And they’re going to introduce you to more people just like them, who need results.


The most important line in that email is... I promise you, good things are going to happen when you focus on just getting people result.

Keep that in mind.

Today I made you a video that shows you how to be made an Editor on a business facebook page.



We've got several people participating in this and you are all in different stages and have different desires.

In some cases you won't be ready for something...that's OK...simply file this email away until you are ready.

Most of you have gotten your login details sent to you automatically...if not, let me know.

This is what the back office of your website looks like...

Some decisions for you to make...

-Do you want your current email address listed on your website or would you rather have your name@yourwebsite dot com. Some would rather not have to hassle with a new email address and I think using your current one is fine.

-If you want to include your phone number on the site, please let me know which one to use and I will include it.

Do you want to deal with an autoresponder?

Watch this video and let me know, "autoresponder" or "i'll log in and check"

I think I've said this before but your BEST first clients will be from people you know or people who know people you know.

The first step will depend on a few things...

1)Do you know any small business owners well? If so, see if they have a Facebook presence. If it's there and not active then they would be a good first target.

2)Do you know anyone who knows any small business owners well?

3)If we strike out on both of those, the church/charity is a good first step...

Find 10 small charities with Facebook pages in your area and send them this email when your site is squared away...

Subject Line: I'd like to volunteer for (Charity/Church) name...


I was poking around Facebook today and noticed (Charity/Church) name has posted X times in the last month.

You probably aren't getting a lot of complaints from your XXX fans about that fact but the more they see you posting, the better it is for engagement, volunteers and donations.

I'm writing to VOLUNTEER my social media services, at no charge. (just in case the VOLUNTEER part wasn't clear! 🙂 )

This is a new service offering for me and I need some feedback from clients.

You could approve any posts I make but something engaging would be posted every day so your fans don't forget about you.

Obviously, I can't do this for every charity in the area so, if you have any interest in this, please hit reply to this email now.

I live in YOUR TOWN and could get started immediately.

Please let me know.

Thank you,



I include my phone number but you don't have to.

You're looking for organizations that aren't using FB as effectively as they could which is costing them money in donations.

I sent the email to groups that had posted less than 20 times in the previous 30 days.

I tried other subject lines and didn't get any response...this one got me 4 out of 10 which is great.

Working for these groups will give you confidence AND experience and they'll be happy to provide you with testimonials and sometimes referrals to businesses who could use your help.

Of course if the church you attend or charities you support need this help you won't have to find 10...just contact your groups.

Have a good day!