This Page Is Dedicated To:

Sally Hunt Quinn
"Legend of Toughness"
February 23,1937-January 26, 2024


I will add to this page over the coming days but wanted
to get the pages of her book excerpt up quickly. 


This is best viewed on a full sized computer screen at the
moment but I will get it transcribed shortly so
it's much easier to read.

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The following is Sally's 7-page entry in a booklet of memories by four of the residents of the Home of The Good Shepherd in Malta. It was written in 2018.


This video is of her funeral service at The Malta Ridge United Methodist Church, January 31, 2024.
The service starts at the 5:40 point.  Move that slider ahead.
Pastor Penny's comments begin at the 15:20 mark.
My Eulogy starts at 26 minutes.