I'm selling the RESALE rights to
nine of
my valuable info products.
(and one website)


If you don't know what Resale Rights are or how to use them, click HERE...otherwise, keep reading for a fantastic opportunity.

To review the salesletters from each of the products you can click on the links below.

Dollar Doublers Report

"How To Use Craigslist For Profit and Problem-Solving"

How To Own Your Paycheck Again! - ($47 Value) I've been teaching this information for 19 years and sold over 20,000 copies from my website

Mystery Shopping Is Real - ($37 value) Shows US residents how to earn extra money as a mystery shopper in your area

Teach A Money Class ($47 value)

Beginner's Guide To Chatteling ($37 value)

Loyalty Club Profits ($97 value)

Follow-Up Marketing Profits ($37 value)

Cash Mob Profits ($67 value)

These rights include:

1) Digital Rights -- you can resell the products in their original digital format.

You'll also receive rights to the salesletter and all web copy.

OK, a few ground rules:

1) RESALE Rights do not allow you to modify the product in ANY way.    

2) You cannot give away the works.  They must be sold for a minimum of $17.

3) You cannot resell the rights to these products.

I've invested over $20,000 in getting this all set up.  If you want to pay me $30,000 I'll give you exclusive rights to everything today.


Since I want to help as many people as possible get started in their own business your one time investment in any of these these licenses is below.

FAST ACTING BONUS...For the first 5 people to pick up any of these licenses, I will get your entire sales page set up for you at no extra charge...

You'll buy the domain name (probably 99 cents but not more than $10) but...

-I'll put up the web page for you

-I'll host it for a year, ($60+ value)

-I'll set up the buy links so you'll get paid when people buy the product

-I'll set up your mailing list so you can send follow-ups like I do

In one week or less you'll be all set to start sending visitors to your page and getting sales.

But this offer is limited to the first 5 people so, please act fast.

Dollar Doublers Report - $97

"How To Use Craigslist For Profit and Problem-Solving" -$97

Teach A Money Class - $97

Beginner's Guide To Chatteling - $97

How To Own Your Paycheck Again! - $197    

Mystery Shopping Is Real - $197  

Loyalty Club Profits - $197

Follow-Up Marketing Profits - $97

Cash Mob Profits - $97

The Big Pumpkin

You can have RESALE rights to ALL of these products for only $497.  That's a $676 savings.

Click here to invest in The Big Pumpkin!

Let me break it down for you.

If you invested $497 today, and you sold any of these products for say, $47 you'd have to sell only 10 copies to get your money back.  At $37 you'd have to sell only 14 copies.  At $97 you'd have to sell only 6 copies.

If you have an ounce of ambition, those sales numbers are extremely easy to reach in a very short time after which every sale is pure profit for you.

If you already have a list of subscribers who like you and trust you, then this is a real no-brainer.

If you want to build a list of subscribers, products like these are essential.

Grab the package you want right now.

And finally, I'm selling a whole web business...MysteryShoppingIsReal.com

It comes with the domain name, the website, the product, the customer list and a Facebook group.

The one time investment is only $1497. 

I've sold this product for $37 to $67, meaning you'd have to sell only 25-40 or so to make back the $1497.

The product is great.

Mystery shopping really works.

People can start making money quickly. (look at the testimonials on the page)

The biz needs more energy and enthusiasm than I have to give it at the moment.

And I'll be here to help you get it up and running as long as you need.


This page will be shut down Tuesday night at 11:59PM   

Thank you!

Leo Quinn