How To Be The Most Popular Person In Town!

(and turn that popularity into a NEW JOB or income stream) 

May 13, 2020


Dear Friend:


In my position of recommending ways to earn extra money I really like OFFLINE methods because in the long run I think you will find it faster and more stable to earn consistent money every month.


Of course, there are many ways to earn extra money OFFLINE.


-Part time job

-Mowing lawns

-Buying and reselling stuff


-Cleaning service, etc.


Personally, I think working with business owners is the best way to earn extra money because PROSPECTS are easy to find.


Open the newspaper or yellow pages or walk down the street and you've got a bunch of potential people who can pay you money for services you can provide.


And no I'm not just talking about loyalty or birthday club services.


Business owners buy...


-Advertising (radio/TV/print)

-Cleaning services (inside and windows)

-Credit card processing

-Office supplies

-Web design

-Marketing services




Business owners are under constant "attack" from people selling these services.


It's actually quite difficult to get TO the actual business owner if you are selling any of these services as most "hide" behind staff designed to deflect you.


And if you aren't selling these services as part of your main job but you want to get a new income stream going,  your biggest problem is probably,


You are...


-Afraid to contact people.
-Afraid to be ‘rejected’.
-Afraid of the phone.
-Afraid to contact strangers face-to-face.
-Afraid of not having a regular paycheck.
-Afraid of looking foolish.
-Afraid of not knowing enough.
-Afraid of losing money.
-Afraid of not making money.
-Afraid of offending others.


and any number of other fears.


Nothing to be ashamed of.


Overcoming those fears is a constant project for ME.


Over the years I've come up with several different ways to get the ear of business owners and provide value in advance of talking about what I can do for them.


One method in particular made me VERY popular in my town for a couple months.


This was about four years ago now and I didn't take full advantage of it, like I should have or could have now with my added experience.

The project that made me very popular was called a CASH MOB.


In short, a day is selected...a business is selected and a bunch of people show up with $20 to support that business.


Here are a couple short videos that explain a Cash Mob better than I can...



In early May of 2012 I discovered these and thought organizing one in my town would be a great way to get the attention of business owners for my loyalty club services.


In April of 2016 I realized that organizing a Cash Mob would be a GREAT way to get a job by being noticed by business owners looking for quality employees.


On or around June 20, 2012 I bought a slew of domain names of local communities Saratoga Cash Mob .com for instance.


But I focused first on doing a cash mob in my own town.


I didn't really know what I was doing.


I found a model I liked and put it together.


The event occurred on August 12, 2012 and was very successful.


The local bakery was selected for the cash mob and the owner was very happy with the results.




Now, my town isn't huge.


We have 4 traffic lights in less than a mile on the main drag.


A few pizza places...a few restaurants...a coffee shop...a few antique shops...a dry cleaner...a liquor store...a florist...a couple insurance optometrist...a couple banks...a McDs...a Dunkin Donuts...a few gas stations...a couple convenient stores...etc.


You get the idea.


Between the time I started organizing the Cash Mob and the date it actually happened, (a little under two months) I visited every nominated business and introduced myself as the person organizing the Cash Mob.


I was greeted with nothing but smiles!


Of course, I wasn't selling anything, I was just the organizer of something that would have gotten them a bunch of money in one day if they won.


I encouraged them to use their Facebook pages and email lists to get more entries in the contest.


I was just being a helpful citizen and had more discussions with business owners in that time two-month than I'd had in any 12 month period previously.


It was amazing.


And I blew it.


I got one new client out of the whole deal and didn't follow-up as I should have with the rest.


I let all that goodwill leak away.


Since that time I gave the domain name to the local newspaper for them to do the next Cash Mob in town.   


I let all the other domain names expire and haven't done any cash mobs since the original.


However, it's still a GREAT way to get into discussions with business owners and prove your value to them before asking for any money for whatever it is you do.


If you're looking for a traditional job this would be a great way to get one!  


All employers are looking for quality employees and the fact that you organized a successful community event like one would make you stand out!


People will invariably ask you why you're doing this if you don't own a business in town or aren't from the Chamber of Commerce.


If you're looking for a job, be 100% transparent.


"I'm looking for a job and figured a great way to get noticed by potential employers was to demonstrate my value to the business community by organizing this event."


I'd not at all be surprised to hear of people getting job offers before the event even happens.


Anyway, I've learned a lot in four years and now know how to turn a Cash Mob into a nice income stream for someone like me or someone selling other products and services or someone looking for a job.



So here's what I want to do...


I want to develop a product that shows people how to put on their own successful "Cash Mobs" but since I can't do one in my own town because I gave the rights to the local paper,  I need some "guinea pigs" to run them in their own areas with my personal help and guidance.


We won't be setting up websites for this, we'll be using Facebook exclusively.  


There are no costs involved in organizing a Cash Mob.


I'll show you how to get it to get the word to pick a winner and how to turn it into paying clients for whatever service you have to offer.


If you don't have a product or service to offer,  or you're not looking for a job,  I'll give you FREE access to my Loyalty Club Profits Program which I sell for $197.  


You can sell loyalty club services for $100 to $500 every month.


So here's the deal...I could get a ton of "guinea pigs" to sign up for this if it were free but few would get it done, so I'm going to ask for a small investment.



That investment is only $67 


If you have any interest in this, grab it now before someone in your area gets it.




The only thing you need to run a successful cash mob in your town is a Facebook account.


You don't need to visit the businesses that are in the can communicate via email if you'd prefer.


I look forward to working with you to become very popular with business owners in your town.


Make it a great weekend!






P.S.   Obviously there can be only one "cash mob organizer" in your town so make sure you're first by CLICKING HERE!


P.P.S. The videos on this page show examples of "Cash Mobs" that involve speaking to the mob.  


Since I know public speaking is not popular, you should know that I did none of that. There are many ways you could run a cash mob and I didn't run mine that way.  CLICK HERE!