How To Profit From Selling
Stuff You Don't Own

Every one of my customers who has done this has gotten a positive response with minutes.
Become a freelance "online sales agent" for your friends and family.
Once you get feedback you can expand but at first you'll be doing this for people who already know, like and trust you.
The Facebook post goes something like this... you have stuff lying around the house, basement, attic or garage that someone might actually pay you for?
Do you NOT have the time or experience to get it sold so you can actually put some of that money to good use?
If so, you'll be interested in a 30 day experiment I'm doing.
I'm calling it the "Clutter to Cash Challenge". (or "Clutter to Christmas Cash Challenge" toward the end of the year)
If you've got valuable stuff, I'll do all the work to get it sold and we'll split the profits.
If you've always wished someone would come along and take the lead on getting money for all the stuff you've got around, let's talk!
Send me a works for you.
P.S. You might be surprised what has value... old video games and consoles, VCRs, textbooks, electronics, exercise equipment, movies, furniture, designer clothing etc.
End of post
So the gist is that you help friends and family make extra money by selling their unwanted stuff and you get your first leads from FB.
You split the it 50/50 or different? Up to you. If they truly don't care what you get for something I'm sure 50/50 is great for them.
If you sell something for $10,000 they might bristle at paying you $5000 so maybe the percentage is different after a certain dollar amount.
Details to be worked out.
I got this idea a couple summers ago,  visiting an uncle who had a 20 year old Camaro he wanted to sell. I was at his house fixing his TV and computer and he mentioned it.
I said, "since I'm here, I'll take pictures of the car and post them on Craiglist for you"....which I did.
A week later he had $4500 in his pocket.
He has kids and grandkids who were perfectly capable of doing what I did but I was the one who actually did it.
He paid for our next round of golf but would have gladly paid me a $100 or two if I'd worked it out ahead of time.
If it didn't sell right away I could have posted it on some of those FB garage sale sites that are everywhere now....or using one of the apps like LetGo.
It was super easy for me...take on CL and he took all the calls.
Every situation will be different.
First things first is make a post like my example and let me know what happens.
I'd love to know how quickly you get a positive response.
P.S. If YOU have a lot of stuff you should be selling, maybe you are your first client?  🙂
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