This is a new project of my friend Mike and his son Duston...



Leo here again.

That headline sounds hype-y I know but I've known Mike since 2002 when we met for a meeting outside Cleveland, OH.  

You won't meet a nicer, more genuine gentleman.

Since that time he left his full-time his then teenage boys into their 30s, married with children and makes what most would consider a TON of money simply sending a couple emails a week.

Mike and his son Duston were nice enough to do a quick 13 minute interview with me today, explaining their new program...


The Newsletter Business In A Nutshell

 It’s really a simple business. It goes something like this…

  1. Give something away in exchange for a subscriber’s email address
  2. Send those subscribers valuable content
  3. Include subtle pitches inside that content
  4. Make money from the pitches

Very, very simple.

You don’t need a massive website (a 2-page website will do). You don’t need products of your own. You don’t need your own freebie to give away. You don’t need a list to get started.


For me this falls in the category of WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT???!

Anyway, Mike and Duston did think of it and they are much more advanced than I am,  so they're the perfect people to learn from.


And because I'm so impressed with this program I've got some extra bonuses for you, if you use my link...



  1. I've asked them to give my readers a $5 discount.   No coupon code to fill in, just click the ADD TO CART BUTTON on the THIS PAGE and your discount will be automatically applied.
  2. To be successful at this you'll need a two page website.  I will host your two page website for one year.  ($50+ value)
  3. I got such a positive response to my ACTION BOOK CLUB idea around the traffic and conversion notes, I'll do the same thing here.  Send me a copy of your receipt and I'll add you to the club...that means regular meetings where we work through the Newsletter Academy as a group...helping each other.


Here is the interview.  Click the triangle thingy a couple times and have a listen.

CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS ON THE NEWSLETTER ACADEMY  (the audio or video will continue to play)




Leo Quinn