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I hope your weekend has gotten off to a good start.

A new product is getting a bunch of good reviews this weekend so I picked it up...

As of this writing it's $17  CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS

I also got BOTH upsell for $47 & $37... a total of $101.

The technique in this program does require spending money...they suggest testing $5 a day.

I'm going to do at least that.

I'm going to report the specific details of my testing to Club 1000 members in the coming weeks.

I suspect they will be taking this off the market at some point in the near future.

So grab it, if it appeals to you.

The other option is to take advantage of the special offer I have going for a Club 1000 membership this weekend.

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Whatever you decide.  Don't be like "frustrated and broke". (from my email yesterday)

Don't waste valuable TIME building a product or writing a book nobody wants.

Build an audience of fans FIRST and then your life is a whole lot easier. (not to mention making money being easier too)

Make it a great weekend!


P.S.  Just to be clear...I'm not going to be violating any copyrights in what I share with my Club 1000 members.

I'll be reporting my detailed results and if they decide to invest in the material they can with the knowledge of how it worked for me.

By joining Club 1000 today, you'll get access to my results of this test and any others during your 3 month membership.

P.P.S.  At it's core, Club 1000 is about teaching you how to earn money as an internet marketer...guided by someone who has sold over 20,000 of his own products...that's not $20,000...that's over 20,000 actual sales.

You probably don't really care how you earn extra money using the internet.  That's OK.  We're going to be testing a lot of stuff this year and you'll have a front row seat as a member.