Do you know anyone who would let me run some Facebook ads for them for free?
Yup… No charge...just a test run.  
I will also build the sales funnel as well...not just the Facebook ad campaign.
If you know someone who owns a fitness studio, gym or group based training class, please introduce me.
I'll do the research, design and run some Facebook ads for them for free for a week or two… No charge… Strictly a test run. 
If I can bring them leads, they don't owe me anything.
All I need is for the business owner to pay about $200 (directly to Facebook) for ad spend and allow me to run the campaign and funnel.
Then they'll start getting leads!
I'M LOOKING FOR these specific clients to potentially work with:
– Yoga studio  
– Pilates studio 
- Gyms
- Fitness clubs 
– Sports clubs 
- Anything fitness related that has group-based classes.
I can only help 2-3 folks like this… So if you know someone who owns any of these type businesses and is a good human, let me know and I'll run the ads for them (and build a custom funnel on a test run) for free. 
All I ask is for a simple video testimonial if new business comes from it.
The only catch is they pay for the ad spend… That goes directly to Facebook. 
Have them send me an email or call 518-288-8711
Thank you,
Leo  Quinn