Would You Like To Turn $10-$50 into $100 or
more in 30 Days or Less?

This just in from Jeri...

Almost exactly four years ago I recommended a kindle book called...

"How Can I Get Money, What's That In Your Hand?

The author was a missionary to Cambodia and other remote places and decided to take $50 and see if he could double it in 30 days in those remote places. The book is an overview of how he and others did it.

The first time he turned his $50 into $491 if I recall correctly.

One of the messages from the book is that we are SURROUNDED by opportunities to make money if we look around.

If he can do it in places as remote and poor as Cambodia we have no excuses!

Another message is that if you can turn $50 into $100 the skill you've developed means you can turn $100 into $200 and so on.

Once you get up into bigger numbers it may take longer than a month but it's scalable.

It all starts with $50....or even less.

Incidentally starting with $50 and doubling it, turns that $50 into $204,800 in only 12 doubles.

This sounded like a really fun thing to do so I decided to see how much I could turn my $50 into in 30 days.

I invited my readers to join me.

We had crafters, writers, bikers and bozos (me) all making money.

What I most enjoyed seeing was people accomplish something they had never done before despite their doubt.

One "dollar doubler" went from being “paralyzed” to 10 days later making a $92 profit...$52 of that on something bought for $6.

In June 2013 I turned my $50 into $123 but the "winner" was Tim from Canada who made $1114 in June 2013 mostly with used BIKES!

I've decided to repeat this experiment in June 2017.

I have set up a special PRIVATE Facebook group for my readers who want to participate.

"Private" means none of your FB friends will be able to see what you are doing in the group.

Members will get copies of...

-The Dollar Doublers Report - A detailed account of what members did back in 2013.  LOTS of ideas in here.  ($27 value)

-The Beginner's Guide To Chatteling - I paid $10,000 for the rights to this program back in 2005 and the
info is still relevant today. Chattel is a legal term for personal property and this program gives you
a step-by-step method for making money buying and selling. ($47 value)

-The Dollar Doublers Report 2017 - As I did back in 2013, I'll turn these money making adventures into a product and members of this project will get a free copy. ($27 value)

That's over $80 in value.

Click Here To Join today for only $19! (for the first 10 who join...$27 after that)

Of course, members will also get access to the Facebook group for encouragement and support. Once you join I'll send you an invite to the private group.

Now, just a word about your starting bankroll...

I've been saying $50 because that's what the missionary guy started with.

You don't have to have $50 ready to go today. You might be able to turn $10 into $50, $60 or $100.

Some of my $123 was from stuff I had lying around the house...so nothing out of pocket.

If you're crafty you might use all or part of your $50 to buy material to make something and sell.

Members of the group will get ideas for accomplishing this goal from me and others.

Click Here To Join today for only $19! (for the first 10 who join...$27 after that)

We start officially on June 1 so we have plenty of time to plan our "attack".

The first goal is to turn $50  into $100.

But it still counts if you only used $10 and turned it into $100.


The secondary goal is to see how much we can turn that $50 into in 30 days.

I look forward to joining you on this fun project.

Click Here To Join today for only $19! (for the first 10 who join...$27 after that)

Thank you!

Leo Quinn

P.S. Of course it's possible to turn $0 into $100 by selling stuff around your house or selling stuff you got from a friend who just wanted it gone.

All legal, ethical and moral options are on the table.

Good luck 

P.P.S. This is a great, fun and educational project to work with children. You might be surprised at the creative ideas they come up with.


Here's a guy who does what I hope to do for my DD project...


Click Here To Join today for only $19! (for the first 10 who join...$27 after that)



Remember...buying and selling is the way I'm choosing to do this experiment.  You don't have to.

One of the participants in the 2013 Experiment reported these results from his buying and selling...

Last time we had people doing arts and crafts, fixing bikes, selling stuff around their house, making and selling soap, writing and putting the kids into service too.

Now, you certainly don't need to join this group to turn $10 to $50 into $100 or more.

Here is why you might want to join... in the words of the folks who joined back in 2013...

I'll close with my favorite feedback from the June 2013 experiment...

Click Here To Join today for only $19! (for the first 10 who join...$27 after that)