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Around this time a few years ago, I paid $97 for the rights to sell all 34 of these products.  (the letter says 35 but I count 34)  

Over the years I've purchased many of these programs at full price...$27-$497...and they were well worth it.

You can no longer purchase these from the developer because of his retirement.  

I plan to break these up and sell some of them individually but before I do that I will make them available to my readers for a fraction of the original prices and a fraction of what I paid!    

Just to clarify, you don't get the rights to sell these programs get "personal rights".

Read more about the collection from the original salesletter...


Leo back here.

I wish there was more detail on each of these products but you can get some idea of the content from the titles.

I approach informational products/events with the attitude that if I get one idea, I will have gotten my money's worth.  

Regardless of which of these products you focus on, be they related to internet marketing, self-improvement or trading you'll get a bunch of great ideas.

As I've done many times, I invest in opportunities like this so that I can pass the info onto my readers for less than what I paid.  

My readers can get access to all these products (including 50 more from Sean Mize) for only $1.15 each!  That's only $97. 


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P.S. As a bonus,  if you pick this up I will give you a 15 minute brainstorming phone call to discuss how you personally can use these products for your own benefit.

P.P.S.  Here are headlines from some of the Sean Mize products you'll get access to as part of this program...

If you want to see the whole list of 50 EXTRA IM related products you’ll get from Sean Mize, click this link but come back here to sign up for this program.


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