Want To Make Money Online?


All you need is a list of 1000 people who LOVE you!

(relatives don't count!)


February 5, 2016


Dear Friend:


You're on this page because you have a desire to earn money from an internet-based business.


The best way to do that is by building a list of people interested in a topic you have an interest in and who will respond to messages you send them.


There are two ways to build a list. (an audience)


One way involves spending lots of money to buy advertising that gets your message in front of a lot of people in a short period of time...a small percentage of whom will join your list or buy what you are selling.


If you're lucky you'll make a profit after paying for your advertising.


The other way to build a list is to put out good, free information that helps people and draws an audience to you naturally.


That's not the fastest way to make money online but it's the most realistic way for those who don't have thousands of dollars to spend on advertising.


We are lucky these days because there are many FREE ways to get your message out to people who can be helped by it.







It's free and easy to spread your message on these platforms....if people notice it.





I totally understand about creating an audience before creating a product or service but am still having trouble wrapping my head around HOW to make money.



"10 Ways To Turn Your Audience Into Money"
1) As an Amazon.com affiliate. 
Assuming you don't live in Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, Rhode Island, or Vermont,  Amazon pays a commission, so you can earn money recommending products. 
The nice thing is, even if they don't buy the item you are recommending, if they buy anything on the site within the next 24 hours, you'll earn a commission on that.
2) As an affiliate for other products.  Find products in marketplaces like Clickbank...become an affiliate and earn money recommending them to your list.
3) Developing your own products/services
4) Selling advertising to your list and on your website
5) Coaching program...administered via phone/email/skype
6) Starting a membership site
7) Cost per action offers..there are offers that will pay you if your list members do something...like fill out a form with their email address and or phone number....these are better known as CPA offers.
8) Sponsoring live events.
9) Consulting
10) Host webinars / teleconferences
The fastest way to start earning money on #1...once you have as few as 20 people on your list you can start recommending free kindle books to your list based on their interests. 
If they buy anything within 24 hours of clicking the link you send, you'll earn a small commission. 
You won't make a fortune but it will start the ball rolling!
Most "Club 1000" members will focus on 1, 2 and 3.

The idea behind "Club 1000" is a group of people with a shared goal of growing our following on these platforms to at least 1000 REAL people.  (It's easy to get 1000 robots to follow you but they don't buy things!)


-1000 email subscribers
-1000 Twitter followers
-1000 Facebook Fans
-1000 Instagram followers
-1000 Pinterest followers
-and earn your first $1000


*NOTE... If you already have a following of over 1000 people but you don't know what to do next to monetize this list "Club 1000" will help you too!


The challenge is there is no end to the strategies out there for growing your audience on these platforms....


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It can take a lot of time, energy and money to test these strategies yourself.


If you spend 3-5 days testing something that ultimately doesn't work, you've wasted time and money and you're probably discouraged.


As a "Club 1000" member you'll be part of a team of people testing these strategies.


Imagine testing 10 or 20 strategies at one time?


You can't realistically do that yourself but you can be privy to those results as a member of "Club 1000".


Think about how quickly you could grow your audience when you can quickly find strategies that work for you and then focus on them!


Here's how it works...


-I find and/or purchase access to programs designed to help us grow our audience on the most popular platforms. (Facebook, Twitter etc.)


-I  test some of the programs myself and ask for volunteers in the group to test others.


-If there is money to be spent in the testing phase, I spend it.


-Product testers will share their results with the group


Here's an example...

On Thursday, January 28, 2016 I bought something called the Boomerang Method...the headline promised...


Copy & Paste This Simple Code To Start Making $495 In Daily Commissions


So I bought it to test it out for Club 1000 members.  Within 5 minutes I knew, despite wild promises in the salesletter that this was a waste of time for most people.


It's about "re-targeting" and may be good if you have your own products but not so much if you don't.


If you don't have your own products and sales pages you need to ask product sellers to install a line of code on their sales pages just for you.


That's not likely to happen unless they already know, like and trust you.


So it's onto the next one and there is a never ending supply of systems we can try to help us build our lists and make our first $1000...

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"Club 1000" members and I will be putting these and others like them to the test in 2016 to see if they work as advertised.


In January 2016 alone I've spent over $100 on products and services for us to test.


The power of a list...

Back in November 2015 you may recall I was promoting what I called, the "Dave V Retirement Package", a collection of 35 internet marketing products that originally cost $27 to $497 each.


A bunch of my readers picked it up and the special offer was over.  A few days later I took my car in for it's annual "physical", required by NY.  


To pass inspection I needed 4 new tires and some other repairs totaling $1167.  Rather than dip into savings to pay for it, I extended the deadline on the special offer and in a few days, the bill was covered.


Beatle Paul McCartney tells of the joke they'd use when John Lennon was adding an extension to his house or was facing some other big expense...saying..."let's go write a swimming pool".


The Beatles didn't have a "list" in the sense we're talking about but they had an AUDIENCE who loved them.


How Should YOU build your list?


My favorite way to build an audience (or list) is using the "follow me" model"


-Follow me while I lose weight - pick a POPULAR book or style of eating and share your experiences.


-Follow me while I write and sell kindle books


-Follow me while I send 100 offline letters a week in my niche


-Follow me while I get 100 NOs a day in my sales prospecting


-Follow me while I try to invest in penny stocks


-Follow me while I "follow the rules of a different self-help book each month to the letter -- no matter  how ridiculous, embarrassing or cringe-making it is."


I did follow a British gal who did this... back in 2014.


She stopped giving all the details when a guy she was seeing found out about it and didn't care to be part of the "experiment".


She got lots of press coverage and a bunch of followers and even got a book deal in a foreign country as I recall.


This might be a fun idea to adapt...she was single and ready to mingle.


How could you "niche it" in a way that would appeal to a lot of people?


"A broke, father of two lives according to X book for 2016"  - See how it goes!


"An underemployed father of two lives according to a different self-help book every month"  - Watch him!


"She's got 3 kids, a husband and a full time job but she's wants to start to start a side income"...follow along as she does it"


What sort of experiment would YOU like to follow?


Do that!


If you've had trouble sticking to things, having an audience watching can be VERY motivating.


In Club 1000 we'll get you started building your list as soon as you've decided on your niche!




What's next?

If you've read this far you must be serious about growing an online business that ultimately allows you to make money from anywhere in the world, yes even in your underwear!


Are you ready to quit the struggle of going it alone with the help and support of other people just like you?


Then join "Club 1000"...

Membership includes:

-Access to a SECRET Facebook group.  (secret means your other FB friends can't see what you're doing in there) If you're not on FB and won't join, this won't work for you.


-Access to any products I buy the rights to during your membership (I typically spend hundreds of dollars a year on these)


-Access to in-depth reviews of products I can't buy the rights to


-Access to test results of using these products.  No more wasting your time or money on stuff that doesn't work!




There are two options for membership...

Monthly...cancel anytime...only $67 per month.


Yearly...only $247...plus get these bonuses...

-Your own website and hosting for a year
(bonus good for yearly membership only)


Priority "Club 1000"

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"Single Payment"

  • $247 today, then no further payments
  • Access to all training and updates for one year.
  • Free domain name, blog and hosting for 1 year ($100 value)
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

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"Payment Plan"

  • $67.00 today and then $67.00 every 30 days
  • Access to all training and updates during membership
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime

First payment:


Recognize, to be fair, the membership investment MUST go up.


Every week we'll be spending money adding products to the "testing lab".


If you spend time and money on these type products, this will be the best investment you can make.


I look forward to working with you in "Club 1000".


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send them over.


Thank you,


Leo Quinn


P.S.  At least three of the new "Club 1000" members already have substantial online followings but they haven't monetized those lists. Club 1000 will help them do that.  


If you already have a list over 1000 it can help you monetize your list as well.


Call me with any questions.  No, really...I'll answer! (or call you right back)

Call 518-288-8711  until 11:30PM NY Time


P.P.S.  Want to make more money and not work a "real" job?


Find a way to help more people.


Building an online following is the best way to help a lot of people quickly.  


You have skills and interests you can turn into money with an online following.


"Club 1000" will get you there!


Get started today!


Priority "Club 1000"

Order Form

"Single Payment"

  • $247 today, then no further payments
  • Access to all training and updates for one year.
  • Free domain name, blog and hosting for 1 year ($100 value)
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

1 Payment Today:

"Payment Plan"

  • $67.00 today and then $67.00 every 30 days
  • Access to all training and updates during membership
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Cancel anytime

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